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Greenland Science Week is a multi-disciplinary Arctic science platform for networking, cooperation & public outreach.

In November 2023, we will make science matter again!

From Nov 3-7 2023, the municipality of Qeqqata will kickstart Greenland Science Week with a weekend filled with science outreach events and trips in Sisimiut, Sarfannguit and Kangerlussuaq.

From Nov 6-10 2023, Greenland Science Week will move to Nuuk for an inspiring blend of science outreach events, engaging stakeholder meetings, and the anticipated Greenland Science Conference.

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Science conference

The Greenland Science Conference is held bi-annually in Nuuk as part of Greenland Science Week. With its broad scope, the conference encompasses a wide range of disciplines, enabling fruitful discussions and interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the Arctic environment.

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Stakeholder meetings

Stakeholder meetings play a vital role in effective decision-making, collaboration, and ensuring the success of projects or initiatives. We encourage people to utilize the Greenland Science Week to invite for stakeholder meetings in both Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

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Outreach events

Greenland Science Week offers a powerful platform to inspire and connect with the broader community. Science outreach plays a crucial role in fostering curiosity, expanding knowledge, and creating a more informed and engaged society. We encourage people to utilize the Greenland Science Week to invite to science outreach events in both Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

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Program (latest update: 28-07-2023)



Visit Greenland's technology center and second largest town Sisimiut.

Under the Greenland Science Week theme “Making Science Matter” we will focus on tourism development and how scientists and the World Heritage area can help Greenlands tourist sector.

NOV 3: 1 pm : Science tour in Greenlands technology center
NOV 3: 7 pm : Science, Infrastructure and Tourism: Making science matter: A panel discussion in Taseralik

NOV 4: 10 am : Science, Infrastructure and Tourism: A workshop for scientists and tourist operators

NOV 4: 1 pm : World Heritage festival in Taseralik

NOV 4: 3 pm : Science festival in Taseralik



Visit the Aasivissuit-Nipisat World Heritage area and Sarfannguit village.
Under the Greenland Science Week theme “Making Science Matter” we will focus on how the World Heritage area and scientists can help the development of Sarfannguit.

NOV 5: 9.30 am : Boat trip to Sarfannguit from Sisimiut harbour
NOV 5: 11 am: Sarfannguit World Heritage tour

NOV 5: 1 pm: World Heritage festival in Sarfannguit School

NOV 5: 3.30 pm: Boat return trip to Sisimiut



Visit Kangerlussuaq on your way to the capital Nuuk. Don’t just sit in the airport, but spend a few hours or a day to experience the Ice Sheet and Greenland's science center.
Under the Greenland Science Week theme “Making Science Matter” we will focus on the transition of Kangerlussuaq from being an airport and science hub to become a tourist and science center and how the World Heritage area and scientists can help this process.

NOV 6: 11 am : Science and test center tour to Ice Sheet
NOV 6: 7 pm: World Heritage festival in Kangerlussuaq Museum

NOV 7: 11 am: Science tour in Kangerlussuaq town


Greenland Science Events and stakeholder meetings

Do you want to inspire, educate, and connect with the broader community? Or do you want a chance to mingle and network with other conference participants? Then Greenland Science Events is for you.

At Greenland Science Events the stage is yours. You decide the content of your event, its location, and its target audience. It could be a lowkey get-together for the scientifically minded, a lecture on popular science for the citizens of Nuuk, or a session with animals meant for children. It’s all up to you.

Your unique science event during Greenland Science Week

Once you have set a date, arranged a location, and have a short description/theme of your event ready, we can add it to our program. The program will be disseminated through our social media-channels as a Greenland Science Event and hopefully, it will attract the desired audience.

The events should be planned for Monday, November 6th or Tuesday, November 7th or Friday, November 10th. To add your event to the overall program, register your Science Event no later than October 10th via this form. We look forward to receiving your Greenland Science Events proposals! 

Are you planning stakeholder meetings?
The same is applicable in case you are planning stakeholder meetings. We appreciate, if you inform us about planned activities in the registration form for Greenland Science Conference.




Greenland Science Conference

Under the theme "Making Science Matter", this year's Greenland Science Conference takes inspiration from Greenland’s National Research Strategy 2022-2030. The strategy, entitled Research – the Road to Progress, defines the vision of the Government of Greenland for the development of research in Greenland and outlines four main goals: 

  • Research must be anchored in Greenland. 

  • Research must support sustainable societal development. 

  • Research results must be easily accessible to all. 

  • Research efforts must be at an international level. 

Read more about the conference, the registration process, and how to set your mark on the program here. Please contact the lead organizer Greenland Science Week if you have any questions.

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