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Please fill out the form below, and we will ensure to gather all event descriptions and create a comprehensive overview of events taking place in Nuuk.

Important deadlines:

- Oct 4: All registrations before this deadline will be translated to Greenlandic/Danish by Arctic Hub and promoted to the public.

! Deadline extended - new deadline is Oct 10. 

- Oct 23: All registrations before this deadline will be integrated in the final program and promoted to the public. Unfortunately, translations cannot be guaranteed at this point. 


Please fill out the following form in English. 

If possible, we ask you to also submit the event description in Greenlandic and/or Danish via mail to

Before you proceed to fill out the information about your event below, we'd like you to imagine that you're explaining your work to your aunt, neighbor, or friend—someone who may not know much about your field but is simply curious about what you do.

The essence of Science Events during Greenland Science Week is to communicate research to others who may not have prior knowledge of the subject, and to do so

in an engaging manner.

Please consider what format would be best to convey your knowledge. Is it a workshop, a lecture, a debate? The possibilities are endless, and a well-thought-out format can undoubtedly attract more attendees. (If you need inspiration, you can e.g. read more here.

Note: If you plan to host a closed stakeholder meeting, please inform us via email at

However, this form is specifically for activities targeting a broader audience.

The science outreach organizer is accountable for event planning, including venue booking and organization/invitation. Greenland Science Week offers to advertise the event in the Greenland Science Week program and on social media.

Remember to make the title short and catchy!
Make it easy to understand what the event is about while also giving it a title that sparks interest and encourages participation.

Write a brief description of your event.
Make sure it's engaging and free from too much technical jargon - once again:
think of your aunt!

Focus on what's interesting even for those without extensive knowledge of your field, so the description piques the interest of the general public.

Consider which venue suits your event best.
Some events are best held in a meeting room equipped with a screen and speakers, while others work better in a classroom, outdoors in nature, or in auditoriums. If you need a list of venues in Nuuk, click here.

Target group

Consider who you want to communicate with.
If you try to reach everyone, you'll likely reach no one. Therefore, think about whether you want to convey your research at a child's level, or if you're targeting an adult audience.


Consider how you want to communicate.
Which language is best suited to reach the target audience you want to engage? And how can you best convey your knowledge? For example, if you only speak English, it might be challenging to conduct a workshop exclusively for primary school children. In such cases, you may need an interpreter at the very least.

In general, it's worth considering whether your event should be simultaneously interpreted into languages other than the one you speak to ensure broader participation.

If you wish to have an interpreter for your event, you are welcome to contact Arctic Hub for a list of interpreters. Please remember that you are responsible for hiring interpreters.

Choose a category

Choose the  category that best fits your event
- even if it's not a perfect match. You can also select multiple categories.

Thank you for the registration of your Science Event!

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